Strategic philanthropy: smart decisions generate effective actions.

Choosing a cause is a big responsibility for philanthropy. If the chosen cause does not benefit a large number of people or does not lay out good strategies to solve their problems, the impact generated can be significantly limited.

Therefore, when determining the causes that we would engage in, we adopted concepts to make our philanthropy more strategic and, consequently, increase the social impact generated by our actions.

The inspiration for this new positioning was derived from the movements of Effective Altruism or Venture Philanthropy, and includes premises such as:

1. Evidence-based action

We use technical and scientific knowledge to generate evidence that allows us to identify the most efficient and effective strategies in generating social impact and to select the most qualified organizations to develop them.

2. Continuous monitoring and evaluation

We monitor and evaluate all initiatives that receive investment from the Arymax Foundation. Consequently, we are able to measure the results achieved and learn, alongside the partners, to maximize the social impact and allow for continuous improvement of our actions.

3. Recurring and medium-term investments

The socio-environmental challenges in Brazil are complex and require time to be solved. Therefore, we guarantee longer financing, seeking to address the problem and its solution in a holistic way.

4. Demonstrative effect, aiming at achieving scale

Initiatives of excellence can produce exemplary social technologies, capable of being spread throughout the nation. When investing, we always assess the potential for organizations to achieve scale benefiting the largest possible number of people positively and with quality.

5. Financial and non-financial support to organizations

Non-financial support is one of the most important variables for strategic philanthropy. We closely monitor the organizations that receive investment, seeking to help them in the construction of strategies and connecting them with relevant actors to complement the initiative.

6. Impact + Sustainability + Resilience

In the concept of Venture Philanthropy, support for organizations must include three aspects: (i) Social Impact – social change in the target population resulting from the actions of the organization; (ii) Financial Sustainability – ensuring that organizations will have sufficient resources to maintain their social mission, either through other financiers or through the generation of their own resources; (iii) Organizational Resilience – the organization’s maturity in terms of team development, governance, ability to generate resources, etc.

To value and foster knowledge is to put it into practice with all its potential for transformation.

In addition to the strategic focus on our own performance, we also consider it essential to foster the field of philanthropy in Brazil and generate knowledge on the subject. For this reason, we support some key organizations that operate in networks with this purpose:

Public interest civil society organization (OSCIP) was founded in 1999 and is a pioneer in providing technical support to social investors in Brazil. It focuses on the creation and participation in strategic and transformative social actions to reduce social inequalities in the country.

GIFE is the association of social investors in Brazil, be they institutes, foundations or companies. Born as an informal group in 1989, GIFE – Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies, was established as a non-profit organization in 1995. Since then, it has become an exemplar in the country in the area of private social investment.

The Latin American network of philanthropists and social investors connects and mobilizes capital (human, intellectual and financial). It is committed to promoting positive socio-environmental impact and is linked to a global movement of philanthropy venture networks in Europe, Asia and Africa that are demonstrating their capacity to generate real and sustainable impact.