Jewish Community

Supporting initiatives in the Jewish community is our way of giving back all the support received by Leon Feffer and his family when they arrived in Brazil.

The precept of Tzedaká, "Social Justice", was inherited from the Jewish tradition by the generations of the Feffer family and has always played a central role in Arymax's way of being and acting.

Respecting these origins, we have sought, since the foundation, to support the creation and strengthening of Jewish institutions, so that they play a relevant role within and outside the community.

Organizations we support

We offer institutional support to Jewish organizations with a plural and inclusive view, anchored in ethics, a sense of social justice, culture and traditions, which can act based on 4 main principles:

Jewish upbringing.

Advocacy, contributing to foster harmonious coexistence and respect for diversity.

Sharing of Jewish culture, history, values and traditions for their preservation and understanding within Brazilian society.

Opportunities for community coexistence.

How do we support?


We conduct a selection process, in which organizations present their vision, initiatives and action plans for the year. Those selected receive institutional financing for one year, subject to renewal.


Yala is a Hebrew expression that means: Let’s go! It is used as a form of incentive for someone to accomplish something.

Launched in 2020, it is an institutional strengthening program with the aim of supporting organizations in the Jewish Community in their challenges, improving their efficiency and expanding their impact.

Yala works in areas such as management, governance, innovation and sustainability, in addition to being a catalyst for the work of participants in a community network.

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