Young people prepared to thrive.

The initiative

In 2017, a group of entrepreneurs comes together to realize a common dream: helping young people with few opportunities to become protagonists in their own lives. PROA is born, which, since its foundation, has focused on the development of skills and abilities for low-income young people, helping them to stand out in the search for a job.

PROA has always advocated for quality training which relates to real life, so that young people get noticed by the job market in a straightforward way. In addition, its operations are supported by highly efficient internal management and by measuring its impact through concrete, universal and reliable indicators.

How does Arymax contribute?

We contribute to PROA’s methodology for achieving scale, supporting the organization’s entry into the public education system through the training of teachers and students. Based on the development of behavioral skills, the objective is to offer means for public school students to improve, grow and be exposed to good job opportunities, whether in the formal market or in entrepreneurship.