NESsT – Instituto Aliança

Generation of knowledge and opportunities for the causes of the youth.

The initiative

In 1998, the Kellogg Foundation, the Ayrton Senna Institute, the Odebrecht Foundation and the BNDES joined forces to contribute to the promotion of cultural and structural changes in the northeastern region of Brazil. From this union, a strategic alliance was formed, whose main partners were the “protagonist teenagers”. Then, the Aliança com o Adolescente (IA) Institute was born.

Along with public and private partners, civil society organizations, universities, research centers, among other partner institutions, today the IA works to help the youth, investing in the formation of a team capable of recognizing the transformative potential of young people, generating sustainable solutions. To this end, it contributes to the construction of collective knowledge, evidenced by publications that systematize social technologies, methodologies and good practices that have already been developed and implemented. In addition, it works to promote the productive inclusion of young people, expanding their social skills, while promoting direct relationships with employers.

How does Arymax contribute?

In partnership with NESsT, we created a commercial arm for Instituto Aliança, called Instituto Aliança Empregos – IAÊ. Our goal for this initiative is to show how a traditional social organization can create innovative mechanisms for its financial sustainability and achieve scale, expanding opportunities for worthwhile employment for low-income youth.