The initiative

Over the course of five years, JOI Brazil will:

  • Host social innovation incubators that crowdsource innovative policies and programs in the Initiative’s priority topics.
  • Provide technical assistance to the most promising innovations to help them design impact evaluations of their programs.
  • Connect Brazilian NGOs, government agencies, and researchers to partner in piloting and testing innovations.
  • Host calls for proposals with dedicated funding for pilot studies and randomized evaluations in Brazil.
  • Share research results with Brazilian NGOs, government agencies, and donors to ensure that the evidence generated through JOI Brazil is used to inform future policymaking in Brazil.

The goals of JOI Brazil are to improve our understanding of how to best promote quality employment and disseminate this knowledge to governments, civil society, the private sector, and foundations in Brazil so that policies and programs can be informed by scientific evidence.

How does Arymax contribute?

Arymax, in partnership with B3 Social, Potencia Ventures and the IDB (Interamerican Development Bank), made it possible for J-PAL to bring the Jobs and Opportunity Initiative to Brazil. In addition to leading efforts and mobilizing partners to bring JOI to Brazil, Arymax is part of the Strategic Committee that is responsible for the program’s guidelines and supports J-Pal in the overall coordination of the initiative.