Gerando Falcões

Make favela poverty a thing of the past before Mars is colonized.

The initiative

The #Borá_Trampá initiative, created in partnership with Accenture, is part of the Gerando Falcões Productive Inclusion Program. Its goal is to promote economic independence, employability, and social integration of young people and adults by enhancing their socio-emotional, professional, and technical skills. This initiative aims to impact up to 45,000 young people and 40 NGOs throughout the country in its initial phase, with a focus on both social and digital development.

The initiative’s vision for the future is to replicate this model of training and employability within all the communities that are part of its network.

The initiative has three guiding principles:

1. Employment Academy: guarantees tools, information and group activities for participants that enhance their chances of entering and succeeding in the job market.

2. Extended training programs: offers participants opportunities for social-emotional and technical qualifications that prepare them for higher-quality jobs and careers.

3. Employability Center: supports NGOs in building relationships with employers and connects participants with job opportunities.

How does Arymax contribute?

In addition to providing financial investment, we also support the initiative’s design, monitoring, and evaluation in partnership with Accenture. Our aim is to ensure that individuals from vulnerable communities succeed in occupying promising job positions, transforming the reality of their work and income through productive inclusion.