Boosting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil.

The initiative

Created in 2004, the Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business (FGVcenn) has the mission of being a generator of knowledge in entrepreneurship in Brazil, contributing to promoting this ecosystem in the country.

With a focus on social entrepreneurship, FGVcenn brings together researchers from different backgrounds, capable of studying and propagating what is most innovative in the area, taking a multidisciplinary and independent approach.

How does Arymax contribute?

In order to generate knowledge and evidence on Productive Inclusion, we support FGVCenn in an international network survey, focusing on Brazil. The objective is to understand the aspirations, motivations and challenges of social entrepreneurs in regard to governance and performance in their markets.

The study will make a structured comparison between social entrepreneurs from the poorer outskirts and the “center”. From this, it will be possible to hold a debate on the issue with relevant actors of this ecosystem in Brazil, and with academics from other countries that make up the SEFORIS Network.