CEBRAP – Cuidando de quem cuida

Taking care of those who care – Productive inclusion in the care market.

The initiative

A study focused on the care market through the prism of inequality, covering both the way in which care needs present themselves in different family arrangements, and the way in which such needs are met through the various forms of care work. This prism is relevant, especially in Brazil, where high levels of poverty, now exacerbated by the pandemic and economic crisis,

make access to the care market a privilege. This causes proliferation of community care, especially through interpersonal networks of help. Access to occupational information will be a focus as well as the new forms of recruitment and labor control, considering the role of recruitment agents and digital platforms, whose presence has been growing in the Brazilian market. Issues related to qualifications and certifications for professional skills will also be addressed.

How does Arymax contribute?

We financially support the study, with an eye on the care economy and how productive inclusion can take place in this promising market.