Rural Productive Inclusion Itinerant Chair

Knowledge that makes an impact.

The initiative

Established in 2020, the Itinerant Chair of Rural Productive Inclusion selects and supports projects from various Brazilian institutions focused on producing knowledge and institutional capacity building in the area of rural productive inclusion. It also develops its own research projects, articles and policy briefs, as well as promotes and participates in seminars and workshops, aiming to share knowledge with diverse audiences.

How does Arymax contribute?

Our investment and mobilisation with other partners made it possible to create and operate the Itinerant Chair, which is coordinated by CEBRAP – Sustainability. We are also part of the Chair’s management committee, where we select, support and publicize scientific initiatives aimed at promoting better public and private practices in the field. By doing so, we contribute to addressing the significant gap in the area of rural productive inclusion in Brazil.