Aliança pela Inclusão Produtiva

The initiative

The Alliance’s founding partners are BNDES, Votorantim Institute, Arymax Foundation, Humanize Institute, Heineken Institute, Tide Setúbal Foundation and Santander, who together provide resources and expertise to support organizations that promote entrepreneurship and employability as a strategy for productive inclusion for vulnerable people.

Starting in 2023, organizations will have the opportunity to receive support through open calls for tenders over a 4-year period, with specific goals and outcomes for each call.

How does Arymax contribute?

Arymax plays an important role in the Alliance by providing financial support but also serving as a reference through the evidence gathered from its research. Additionally, Arymax has been instrumental in bringing together the institutions to create AIPÊ, and is now an active member of the management and technical committees, contributing to the design and monitoring of all funding opportunities.