Coalizão em Inclusão Produtiva

Foster income generation for vulnerable entrepreneurs.

The initiative

The initiative aims to help advance productive inclusion through direct support for entrepreneurs, connecting entrepreneurial solutions for productive inclusion with public management and influence key players who specialize in this issue in Brazil. Artemisia has always worked within the area of productive inclusion, encouraging entrepreneurial education and promoting business solutions for employability and, in 2021, created the Coalizão em Inclusão Produtiva (Coalition for Productive Inclusion) initiative. Its main strategies are:

1) DIRECT SUPPORT FOR VULNERABLE ENTREPRENEURS – Via the JA_É program, deliver a course consisting of 10 classes focused on business management and digitalization that aims to train 50,000 entrepreneurs who face vulnerable circumstances. The course helps increase enterprise revenue, increase the number of jobs generated, increase registration of businesses and increase income steadily and continuously.

2) OPEN INNOVATION STRATEGY WITH GOVERNMENT Identify businesses with the best technologies/solutions capable of meeting the demands of the government, refine them through joint work between entrepreneurs and managers to scale the impact of productive inclusion.

3) STRATEGY FOR THE DISSEMINATION OF THE CAUSE – Boost new understanding and standards to raise awareness within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and inspire better practices for productive inclusion.

How does Arymax contribute?

In addition to financial support, we contribute to the implementation of actions, guiding decisions through the strategic and operational committees. Further to this, we help to mobilize partners, promoting the agenda and collaboration within private social investment.